Sex Appeal: Keep Him Attracted: Visual Cues

Quick tips on how to keep your sex appeal – from a guy’s perspective.

Today’s tip: Guys are visually motivated!  We also like it when you tease us and make us want more!  So break out one of your ultimate weapons… underwear!  Yes, underwear!

Put down the granny panties.  I’m talking about the lacy, sheer minimally-covering but still covering enough so that he wants to see more underwear!!  If you’ve been with Hubby Bubby long enough, you probably know by now what his favorite set of underwear is.  So today: choose an opportune time when you know he’s going to take notice (not rushing out the door late for something), pull on his favorite underwear set, make sure you’re feeling attractive yourself (freshly showered, made up, hair done, legs shaved, etc.), and strut your stuff nonchalantly by him.  Pretend to just be going about your business, but make sure your business is right in his line of sight! You’ve got sex appeal – use it!

This is similar to the theme from yesterday in that you’re the one making the advances!  However, the key focus today is to flirt!  Good grief!  Don’t forget how to flirt because you’ve been married too long!  Remember, like how you would flirt back when you were dating, but now you get to really take things to the next level?  Flirting is one of the best ways to keep your marriage garden well-maintained, weeded, trimmed (don’t forget to do that too! 😉 and flourishing!

Pro tip: Don’t be surprised if your visual cue makes him want to take things to the next level.  That’s your decision, but the trick here is to keep up the flirt for just another minute in a positive way!  An obviously playful hand swat with an “oh stop it” but a “tell me more” tone and eye lash batting will just fan the flames!

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