Selfies: Not Just For Narcissists!

Selfies: Not Just For Narcissists!

SELFIE defined by Merriam Webster as an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social media.

SELF PORTRAIT defined by Merriam Webster as a painting or drawing of yourself that is done by yourself.

Selfies are the new, updated version of an artistic self-portrait. According to Wikipedia self portraits were not always intended to be on public display, but were intended instead for talking points about the person being painted or as a way to judge the artist’s artistic ability.

We love visual art because of its ability to convey a message without using any words. It’s no wonder when you think about art history why there are so many self-portraits or portrait type art made. Nude portraits in particular have been popular throughout all of history, and have stayed high in demand. Think for a moment about “manly” guy magazines, like Maxim or Playboy. There is a market for nude, female portraits. God has created the female figure to be captivating to the male eye.

Here on our blog we like to take ideas that are in the mainstream, and figure out how the concept can be used to benefit and strengthen the marriage relationship. So in line with this thinking…

Wives could you create artistic, nude self portraits to share with your husband showing off your captivating and awe-inspiring body? This little exercise isn’t just for to beneficial for your husband. You can benefit from snapping some photos of your body and really taking in how beautiful it is? It’s helpful to externalize by capturing images of your body and reflecting on the gorgeous woman in those photos. That’s what positive self-talk is, vocalizing and affirming to yourself what beautiful attributes you do have. Maybe your husband can pick up a camera and share through captured images what he sees when he looks at you too.

Thoughtfully plan out the ways you want to express who you are to your husband and to yourself in these photos. What do you want your nude self portraits to communicate? How often do you want to update these to really capture who you are throughout your life span?

This exercise is beneficial for many reasons. One reason being it can increase your body image when reviewing the photos. Discussing the imagess can be a way of connecting emotionally to your spouse. It’s a fun way to be creative and a cool “gift” to give your husband. If your husband needs to travel at weeks at a time or is deployed, etc, this is a gift that allows him to think of you and focus on you and you alone when he cannot be with you in person.

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