A Holiday Escape: The Biltmore Estate

A Holiday Escape: The Biltmore Estate

A Holiday Escape: The Biltmore Estate

Picture a gorgeous estate setting nestled among the mountains. 8,000 acres to stroll through with your loved one(s). Activities that can include carriage rides, hiking, and horseback riding. Beautiful gardens to experience, a charming village filled with world class restaurants, handcrafted beers and wines to sip on, shopping and exhibits to explore. The most elegant home ever, where the Vanderbilt’s lived. Indulge in a fantasy world, pretend to be royalty visiting this grand estate, even if just for a weekend.

Making The Most of Your Holiday Escape: The Biltmore Estate

Friday is spent traveling to the estate and then strolling through the many acres surrounding this stunning home, taking amazing photos with the majestic mountains as your backdrop, and dining casually  for a late morning brunch.

Knowing your wife and her love of impromptu teaching moments you begin to teach. You wow everyone when you provide an abundant amount of knowledge on the Vanderbilt’s and the estate as you walk the grounds. You talk with your kids about the Vanderbilt family legacy, the history behind the estate, and their philanthropy efforts. You also mention how the Vanderbilt’s provided many job opportunities employing architects, highly skilled trades workers and landscapers in order to create this masterpiece. They commissioned many artists to create elaborate tapestries and portraits to add the finishing touches. They were also known for making generous donations to charitable causes. You explain how the Vanderbilt’s taught their children the importance of purchasing natural resources, like land as a long-term investment strategy. Later on, you mention that the Vanderbilt family members were able sell a portion of their land to the U.S. National Forest Service so others could forever experience these beautiful protected mountains and lands. What a legacy. These are just a few examples of some of the history behind this amazing family and estate.

You use this trip as a fun, but also educational opportunity to start instilling philanthropy and business ideas into their your children’s minds. How can we use what we have to help others out you ask? What little artistic entrepreneurial business ideas can you think of? Just a couple of questions you begin to ask, and maybe even start up once you go back home. You know those winter months are long and you’ll need activities to keep little hands and minds busy.

Friday afternoon you get your little people dressed up in their Christmas time jammies and head up to Bryson City, NC to take a ride on THE POLAR EXPRESS! Make sure you don’t forget your tablet You’ve downloaded the movie to watch on the hour long drive to the train station. 

Saturday starts off with a relaxed breakfast at McDonald’s. You go cheap here so you can go all out for dinner. Next up,  garden exploration once you make it back to the estate.  You begin to teach the kids how to classify and categorize the different plants. With the younger one you are asking which colors he sees on the plants. So much fun learning!

Next up tea time for your little princess and lovely Queen. They talk about Grandmother’s English heritage while having girly girl time. Guy time for the King of the Castle and his little prince, so you grab lunch with the little guy. After the two of you walk over to grab a couple of those delectable caramel chocolates you know your wifey will savor later on. She’ll be pleasantly surprised once kiddos are asleep. Good planning you remark to yourself. Bonus points. Yeah, I’m da man.

Then the family gathers together again for a short but delightful carriage ride around the estate before walking over to dinner. You’ve planned and saved for a fancy dinner at one of the many world class restaurants that’s offered in the Antler Village. We recommend the Village Social or the Deer Park restaurant. Amazing service with a wonderful old world ambiance. Great food and wine/beer too!

Following dinner you head back to the Biltmore Estate where you take in the beauty of this home completely decked out for the Christmas Christmas Candlelight tour. Truly stunning! That reminds you of how stunning your wife is looking tonight too. Gosh… “Honey, you are looking stunning tonight,” you say. She smiles, you smile. You and your wife have always appreciated intricate woodworking, elaborate tapestries, fancy Christmas trees and decorations, and this home has it all in abundance! What a sight too for the little people to take in! Wonder and joy fill their little eyes.

Oh and then another great impromptu teaching moment arrives as you get on the elevator. The elevator and it’s history. A good way to introduce some engineering concepts and Mr. Otis, the great American industrialist. Another thing to talk about on the way home, patents and their importance for all the inventions you’ll imagine together. You remembered to pack a couple of books for your little ones to read on the way home that go with this idea. Let’s not forget those at bedtime, you remind yourself.   

The kids are completely worn out from a day of exploring so you head back to the The Grand Bohemian Hotel just outside the estate. You know your wife loves the charming and rustic feel of this hotel. And then there’s the artwork within its walls. Maybe you’ll start a little art collection of your own just like the Vanderbilt family you imagine. This hotel is her favorite and reminiscent of a little European Market at Christmas time. You talk of plans to go to Europe for their Christmas markets once the children are much older. It’ll be a meaningful trip because of her family’s ancestry and roots there. What a time dreaming up even more amazing adventures you’ll take together in the years to come. Things will never get boring, you promise to each other!

You get the munchkins to bed on that pull out bed before heading to the gorgeous bathroom. The kids are asleep so now you can a draw a relaxing bath for you and your bride to enjoy behind closed doors. You remember those caramel chocolates in your coat pocket and set them next to the bubbly bubble bath. While wifey freshens up you make a little love nest on the bathroom floor.  This hotel is quality so of course it has only the most luxurious of bedding to place on the ground. Boys to Men starts playing on your phone, setting the mood, and naturally you begin to make hot passionate love for an entire sixty minutes of marital bliss! Gosh, when was the last time you actually enjoyed sixty full minutes of lovemaking? What a magnificent way to end a fabulous escapee, and kick-off a great holiday season!