Sexual Self Confidence!

Today’s tip

Quick tips on how to keep a guy sexually interested – from a guy’s perspective.  Have some sexual self confidence!

Today’s tip is a little less direct than previous installments, but it continues the theme of encouraging women to take charge of your romance. If there is one thing that I have learned about the majority of women (I don’t like to stereotype, because every person is different) it’s that most women have sexual self confidence issues of some sort. Body confidence issues are especially rampant! Again, this may not be true in your case – still, stick with me here. How this manifests itself in your romantic relationship will be evident from many different symptoms:

  • Only wanting to have sex while the lights are off or very dim – because of being self conscious of how you look.
  • Wanting to wear coverups during sex
  • Thinking about how {fill in the blank} body part looks, rather than being able to fully concentrate on sex
  • Avoiding sex altogether because of sexual self confidence challenges.

I’m not a counselor, but I know there are many deep rooted issues that can be behind these self confidence issues. I understand that. I’m also not verified to help diagnose our test these issues, but I would recommend that if in your or your spouses opinion, these issues are serious enough to need professional help, then seek it out.

Now, as a man though, I would like to encourage you ladies with at least my train of thought and what seems to be the common thinking from other men out there.  We want you to not only be engaged while having sex, but to have some sexual self confidence while doing it!  In other words, know that you turn your man on, be confident in what you want to do while having sex, and go for it knowing that you’re rocking his world!


Sometimes a plan helps with sexual self confidence

In public speaking, if you know your material thoroughly, you’re going to come off as confident while speaking.  The same goes for sex.  Think about what you’ve been doing recently during your sexual adventure.  Think about the things that have turned you on the most.  Think about the things that you’re potentially interested in doing but haven’t done yet.  Maybe explore those things and think through how to bring them into the bed fold.  For instance, many women have trouble achieving orgasm during sex.  This is especially common after having a procedure such as a C-section.  Maybe bringing a vibrator into the mix is something that you’d like to approach, but haven’t.  In a future installment, we’ll explore how to introduce a vibrator into your sexual relationship in a healthy way, and bringing newfound adventure into your relationship without damaging feelings.

But the point is:

  1. Think about your sexual relationship
  2. Have a plan on how you would like to grow in your relationship
  3. Have sexual self confidence while leading your relationship in that direction
  4. Enjoy the fruits of your labor

And Men – in all things, be encouraging to your wife, never negative or down-putting.  This extends beyond the bedroom also.  You can destroy years of relationship building in a few negative comments.

Ladies – go forth with sexual self confidence and know that you are attractive, loved, sexy, and wonderful.

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