Sexual Attraction: Keep Him Attracted: Get Into It!

Quick tips on how to keep up your sexual attraction – from a guy’s perspective.

Today’s tip: I’ll tell you a secret: half of a woman’s continued sexual attraction is not related to how she looks or the clothes she’s wearing or anything like that. Truly half of it is how INTO IT she is! Ask yourself an honest question, say, “Self, when I’m having sex, am I excited – and visibly (and audibly) showing that to Hubby Bubby?” It’s easy to get into a sexy-time rut in marriage. You find something that works and keep doing it that way. But I’ll bet when you first got together with HB, YOU DID ALL SORTS OF CRAZY STUFF!  Maybe you said all sorts of crazy stuff too!

So when you’re getting ready for the next sex fest, make it an adventure! Try three or four different positions! Get a new toy! (we have several reviews with solid suggestions on those and how to introduce that into the bedroom) But most of all, bring back that first-time excitement and fire! If you’re more into it

Pro Tip: It may be awkward, but ask him straight up: “What is one of the things you’ve been wanting to do during sex? I want to expand our boundaries!” If it’s something you’re comfortable with trying and is still something that is within your marriage boundaries (e.g. not “Well I’ve been wanting to have a threesome with our neighbor Tiffany.”) go for it! Either way, open communication like this well help you take your sex game to the next level!