Male and Female Views on Marriage

Speaking generally here, women love the institution of marriage for all that it encompasses: her husband, her children, the nest she and her husband build for their little birdies, the memories made within its walls, etc… ┬áIn this post, we will discuss the difference between male and female views on marriage.

Guys, on the other hand, go into marriage for the woman they fell in love with.

Women can get there emotional needs met through their husbands, siblings, mother, and close circle of friends. Realistically, she probably needs all of those relationships to meet that need. Women need to process things through talking it out.

Most men get that emotional need met through their wife and her alone. Guys have their friends for hanging out with and doing fun stuff together, but it’s less emotional in nature. Guys talk less, and can only handle talking about the same things over and over again.

Remember, women love their husbands, but their husbands are just part of what marriage looks like in her eyes. Men love their wives, and they go into marriage for her. So in order for a man to stay interested in his marriage, he needs to stay interested in his wife.

I don’t mean, he needs to stay just physically attracted to her, or he’ll leave. I do mean, he needs to stay connected to her in order to want to be in that marriage. Often times for men, the fastest and most meaningful way for them to feel connected emotionally, is by having sex with their wife. Staying connected to their wives through sex helps them to want to be in their marriages. After all, he went into marriage for her and still desires that connection to her.

Men: help your wives out by setting aside time to connect with her emotionally, by talking about things. Even if it’s the same thing over and over again. Be understanding if she needs to invite her best friend over or call her mom up to talk about the same things she just talked to you about. Remember, your children and home are part of marriage in her mind. Take good care of the other areas of marriage too.

Women: help your husbands out by setting aside time to connect with him through sex on a weekly basis.

You’re a team and you both need each other!


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