Astroglide Lubricant Review

Astroglide is one of the lubricants that is recommended by the Mayo Clinic so we gave it a try.


It comes in a water soluble version and doesn’t contain glycerin and is petroleum-free. It mimics natural body fluids, which helps moisturize vaginal dryness, improving sexual satisfaction.

Who It Might Be For: 

Women who are breastfeeding, going through or after menopause, or continued aging. Other people who may use it after estrogen levels have fallen: those who have gone though chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy, have had your ovaries surgically removed, you’re a cigarette smoker, and those with immune disorders.

What We Liked About It: 

Just a small amount is needed before the penis is inserted. It really does mimic your body’s natural lubricant and did not cause irritation. Overall, sex was more enjoyable with the help of this product.

NOTE: Tried while breastfeeding.

Where To Get It: 

You can buy it online at Amazon. Here’s the link:

Astroglide on Amazon

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