Lelo Tiani 24k Review

Lelo Tiani 24k Review

Description of the Lelo Tiani 24k:

The Lelo Tiani 24k is a huge step up from the previous iteration, the Tiani 3, which we have also reviewed.  This is the fourth attempt at the couples vibrator from Lelo over a pretty short time period, so obviously they think there’s a solid market here and they want to compete with We-Vibe.

The Tiani 24k is very similar to the previous iterations.  It is still meant to be worn the same way, with the smaller side inserted into the vagina and the larger side against the clit.  The arm bends with reasonable pressure, so it is fairly easy to insert while still applying a decent amount of pressure against the g-spot as well as against the clitoris.

If you haven’t worn a couples vibrator before, be prepared for it to take some getting used to.  Our first time, my wife needed me to take it a little slower while I inserted my penis because she’s used to only my penis girth while the Tiani 24k adds some extra volume.  A little goes a long way here.

The key difference between the Tiani 24k and the Tiani 3 is the dual motor.  There is actually a motor for the insertable side of the toy that vibrates directly against the g-spot.  This is a HUGE difference between the new version and the previous version of the Tiani.  Worn alone, the vibrations with the pressure that the arm provides are decent.  However, once I inserted my penis, the additional pressure of the motorized arm against my wife’s g-spot made her arch her back and start moaning right away.  This may have been the fastest that she has ever orgasmed, even since our honeymoon.  This wasn’t quite the same experience with the Tiani 3 – the second motor really makes a difference.

So if you are considering which version of the Tiani to purchase or whether to purchase a We-Vibe, if you can pony up the additional funds, we would highly suggest the Tiani 24k over all of the other couples vibrators out there.

The gold band around the center of the toy and on the remote control are a nice touch, and my wife enjoys that it feels a little more classy than a big rubber dildo on the dresser!

The clitoral side of the Lelo Tiani 24k has a decent amount of power.  However, if you are using the “wife on her back with legs on hubby’s shoulders or hands while standing at the side of the bed” position, the clitoral side will be a little more well-positioned and more stable against the clit if she holds it in place.  However, this isn’t necessarily mandatory, leaving you free to have her hands tied to the bedposts if you choose!

The Lelo Tiani 24k also allows you to do the “doggy style” without needing to hold a vibrator in place on your clit, which can lead to a more comfortable pose there.  It seems less comfortable when she needs to have one arm reaching back to her vagina to hold the clitoral vibrator there, and it’s tough for me as the guy to reach around while also concentrating on thrusting deep.

The remote is decently designed and it’s nice to have it accessible to either of us to increase the vibrations as we go along.  It’s also nice to be able to have the remote stationary on the bed or the nightstand, rather than needing to find the buttons on the toy itself.  However, as with most of the other Lelo vibrators we have used, we find little use for the other vibration patterns.  The SenseMotion function seems like it has potential for foreplay use such as on the way home from date night in the car to get warmed up, but during sex, we both agreed that the straight vibrations and increasing intensity are the way to go.

For the guys:

For me as the guy, the vibrations and slightly added “tightness” were also very enjoyable.  With the Tiani 3, I didn’t really notice the vibrations as much, though the added firmness was about the same as with the Tiani 24k.  However, the dual motor made a noticeable difference and as I thrusted slower, the vibrations could be felt against different points in my penis shaft as the vibrating insert moved from being pressed against the head to a little lower than the middle at full insertion.

If your hubby bubby is prone to faster ejaculating, he may be especially prone while you are wearing this, but I’m sure he won’t complain because it’s pretty awesome.

Where To Get the Lelo Tiani 24k:

Lelo is selling the Tiani 24k on Amazon here:


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