Keeping Her Interested: Prepare Her Emotionally!

As a wise person once said, ladies are like crockpots, they take longer to heat up. Men are like microwaves, it takes one minute to turn them on. So getting your lady turned on, is probably an eight hour preparation.

Getting your lady ready for some physically intimacy begins with relating to her emotionally during the day.

  1. How do you start heating your wife up first thing in the morning? Do you remind her you love her and give her a hug before either of you head off to work. Do you show her you love her by helping getting the kids ready for school? Do you occasionally leave her a note reminding her why you’re still pursuing her? It can be as simple as a sentence or two.
  2. How do you continue to prepare her emotionally throughout the day? Do you notice once you’ve made it home and are at the dinner table with the kids, she seems a little stressed? Can you ask her about her day and just listen? Do you offer to load the dishes or offer to play with the kids while she cleans up the kitchen, so she’s not thinking about that later? Remind her she’s still attractive to you, a sincere compliment goes a long way.
  3. The kids are in bed finally and you get an hour or two for yourselves as husband and wife? Do you share about your day? Real stressors, joys, funny events of the day, etc? Do you take time to cuddle a bit before assuming sexy time will happen? Do you occasionally offer a foot rub to just because? Have you reminded your spouse that you love her lately? It seems simple, but can get overlooked. What are you doing as her husband to show her you are thinking of her before yourself?
  4. While you’re out and about do you still hold hands? Remember, how proud you were to be seen with her? She needs to be reminded of that, especially when you’ve been married for a long time. When was the last time you planned ahead and scheduled a date night? If you need help with ideas, just google “romantic date ideas for your wife.” This can be low budget at home ideas or a quarterly date night out.

All of these types of things help your wife feel loved and prepared emotionally for lovemaking. ┬áIf your wife feels loved by you and feels that you’ve been emotionally intimate as a couple, then that helps her to want to engage in the physical act of lovemaking.

Ladies, when your husband has been doing a good job helping to prepare you emotionally, it might be nice to thank him for being awesome.

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