Keeping Her Interested: It’s All In Her Head!

Quick tips on how to keep a woman sexually interested – from a woman’s perspective.

Today’s tip: A large portion of female sexuality starts in her head with how she thinks and feels about herself. If she’s got body image issues, if she’s tired from caring for children or is stressed from working all day and then managing a house on top of that, chances are she’s going to have some other things taking center stage in her mind.

PRACTICAL TIPS on Keeping Her Interested:

  1. Help her work through body image issues. Make sure she knows she is the only object of your affection and sexual desire. Remind her very specifically of what you love about her face and body. If she vocalizes to you her insecure areas, take some time on those areas caressing and smooching her in those spots. This is especially important after the birth of each child or as your woman ages. In her mind, she probably feels unattractive or maybe even past her prime. Your job is to make her feel as though she is in her prime. And not just on days when you’re feeling horny.
  2.  Encourage her to discover what she is wearing when she is feeling her most attractive. Maybe even SURPRISE with a little shopping spree so she can buy items that make her feel sexy. This doesn’t always translate lingerie. It could be a pretty scoop neck blouse that allows for “classy cleavage” or a nice pair of heels to wear so she can showcase her defined calf muscles.
  3. Wearing “mom clothes” all day probably doesn’t help her feel like this sex goddess you’re hoping to interact with that night, so make time for her to switch hats, and to put on her sex goddess clothes.
  4. Schedule regular date nights, whether that’s by calling on a babysitter or scheduling it after kiddo bedtime. Women love it when you plan a head and put thought into date nights. Also give her 10-20 minutes to freshen up and put on an outfit that makes her FEEL sexy again. Make sure not every date night, you’re expecting to get laid. No strings attached is nice every once and a while. Let us know you want to stay connected emotionally and mentally those evenings too, not just keeping it on the physical level.
  5. Ask your wife what needs to be done once or twice a week to lessen her stress and so she can catch up on sleep. This is CRUCIAL to female orgasm. Women need to feel well rested so that they can achieve an orgasm. If she is going to make the time to for sex, then she probably wants to be taken “to paradise” like the Bruno Mars song. If she doesn’t get to the climax and over the edge, then that’s not really reinforcing, and she may not want to continue setting aside the time. Ladies, don’t fake it! It’s not helpful for either party.
  6. Ladies also need some help with distraction before and during sex. If the bedroom has poopy diapers and dirty laundry scattered every where then that is probably going to remind her of all the things that still need to be done. MOOD KILLER! Make your bedroom this beautiful retreat where she wants to spend time with you in between the sheets. Keep the room tidy, decorated nicely and smelling good. Maybe even go the extra mile and set the mood with candles with the lights dimmed low. Think back to your wedding night, ambiance is still important in pursuing her.
  7. If your lady is into music and it helps her keep her mind on sex, then create some playlists and have them playing softly in the background. Try to get a sense for her sexy time mood. Some nights she may want to reminsce and listen to Alan Jackson’s “Remember When” while taking it slow. Some nights she may want sex to help her sleep well that night so something more explicit like Robin Thicke’s Pandora playlist would be a good match to get the job done. Other nights or weekend getaway retreats where she can focus on being her lover the entire weekend, she might be up for something more fun like the “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boy II Men. GET IN TUNE WITH HER MOOD and match it. If you can’t figure it out from her body language or from what she’s been talking about that evening, just ask her.


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