Keep Him Attracted: Let’s Get Physical!

Quick tips on how to keep him attracted sexually – from a guy’s perspective.

Today’s tip: Guys are physically motivated (duh!)  We also like it when you match our sexual advances with your own.  It’s no fun always being the one who is doing the chasing.  So today, give him a big bear hug, a big deep long kiss, and while you’re still kissing, use both hands, grab onto his butt and hold on tight!

It may seem like a simple little thing to just kiss your man and grab his butt, but sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the simple things in long relationships.  So today, remind yourself to keep the physical element outside of the bedroom alive in your relationship – on a daily basis.

Pro tip: If it’s been a while since you Frenched, throw just a little tongue in there to bring it to the next level!  Hubby Bubby will leave for work all saucy!

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