IUD Over Birth Control Pills? Why It’s a Better Option

According to an article posted in NPR, the use of IUD’s have increased over the past decade, compared to the use of birth control. Here we’ll summarize why they work in order to help with your understanding of the options you have in family planning and contraceptives.

11.6% of women are using either implanted contraceptive or an intrauterine device today– NPR

How IUD’s or Implanted Contraceptives Work: 

  1. There are two forms. One is made with copper and the other form is made solely from plastic and releases progestin.
  2. The implanted contraceptive is made from plastic and works by releasing progestin. There is a little device implanted into the women’s skin, usually in her arm, which releases the progestin through a small little tube. The same inserted implant can be used for up to three years.
  3.  The copper option is implanted into a women’s uterus and releases copper, instead of hormones! This option is greater than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. The copper IUD can stay implanted in your uterus for 3 to 12 years, preventing pregnancy that entire time.
  4. Both options are reversible and can be stopped at any time.

Why We’re Seeing An Increase: 

  1. Women are busier today and more on the go than they used to be. This is a great option for keeping a packed schedule without needing to remember to take the pill, every day at about the same time of day, each day.
  2. More healthcare physicians are being trained on how to insert and implant these devices. They’re also better equipped to share information on both forms’ effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.
  3. Both forms are required to be covered by health insurance plans. Check your plan to see if having one of these options, either inserted or implanted, is considered a preventive service, in which case it may be completely free if it’s done by an in-network provider

Ladies, please take this information to your healthcare provider. I definitely will as well. We’ve got two amazing kids and we think we’ll complete our family with a puppy in a year or two. Personally, I like the sound of the copper IUD compared to using a hormone releasing birth control pill or the more expensive use of condoms for our family planning purposes..

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