How to Keep Her Interested in Sex: It’s In Her Heart

Quick tips on how to keep her interested in sex – from a woman’s perspective.

Today’s tip: A good portion of a woman’s sexual interest depends on how she is relating to and connecting with her partner on an emotional level. In order to FEEL like making love, your lady has to know she is loved by you. You can let her know by your words and actions toward her.

PRACTICAL TIPS on Keeping Her Interested Sexually:

  1. Remind her on a daily basis that you love her. It seems simple, but when chaos ensues, the big things in life tend to get placed on the back burner. Make your affections known.
  2. Remind her why you’re still pursuing her. What attributes does she possess that still captivate you about her.
  3. Compliment her in front of others-both other men and women. It reinforces to others and to her that you still think she’s the best! You couldn’t have found any other partner like her in a million years, she surpasses them all.
  4. Reminisce! Help her remember all the good times you’ve shared as a couple. How you’ve each grown individually, as a couple and as a family unit. Even when times were hard, your love and commitment to one another endured.
  5. Love your children. Your children are such a strong bond between the two of you. Seeing you take on the role and responsibility of being an amazing father is really sexy.
  6. Keep dating her and setting aside time to have fun together. Be a good companion!
  7. Check in with her emotions. Simply checking in every now and then, taking notice of her emotional health will speak volumes in the letting her know she’s loved department. Even when she is feeling down and you can’t fix whatever is upsetting her, lending an [actively] listening ear will show her you love her.
  8. Hold hands often! Kiss her goodnight every night.


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