6 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil as Lube and as Massage Oil

Looking for that perfect massage oil that works both for massaging and for sex? Well look no further – coconut oil is the solution! “Cononut oil as lube? Really? I was thinking something like Astroglide or KY or something, Bobby…” No. Trust me, if there’s one thing you do today that will improve your sex life, please, please buy some good quality coconut oil, preferably the suggested ones at the links below, and try coconut oil as lube the next time you have sex!!

Still don’t believe me? Here are six sex reasons you should use coconut oil as lube… and as a massage oil!

coconut oil as lube and sex massage oil

Reason 1: You can use coconut oil as lube AND as a massage oil!

Say you want to start out your sex time together with a massage to lighten things up and get things moving… but hold on – you can’t use most massage oil for sex!  That’s right – you can rub his or her back and legs, but then you have to wash your hands and switch lubricants to something like Astroglide… and that throws the whole sexual vibe off.

Coconut oil is perfect for  the FULL BODY massage, and when you get into massaging that inner thigh area, you don’t have to be careful to keep it out of her vagina or off of his penis… Enjoy a nice butt massage?  Coconut oil is perfect!  Transition straight from massaging back to legs to bum, right into some great, relaxed lubricated sex!  Really, coconut oil is the only solution we’ve found that you can use for everything.

But what about using a personal sex lubricant for massaging?  Well that’s okay, but with the amount you’re going to use, it will get pretty expensive using Astroglide or KY for a full body massage.  Plus there’s reason 2…

Reason 2: Coconut oil doesn’t leave a residue on your skin!

The real drawback is that Astroglide or KY weren’t meant for full body massaging and will leave a residue on your skin.  Who wants to have to take a shower after sex to rinse off the residue?  Don’t you want to just fall into a wonderfully exhausted and satisfied sleep?  The same issue applies when you are using lots of lotion for a massage – at some point the lotion will start to cause a buildup because you need to keep applying it.

Coconut oil doesn’t leave a residue.  It’s actually really good for your skin and hair!  So … triple purpose … sex lubricant, massage oil, skin moisturizer!  Awesome.  When you start to use it, remember to come back here and write a comment to thank me 🙂

Reason 3: It’s inexpensive!

That’s right… coconut oil is incredibly inexpensive.  For $20, you can have enough coconut oil for a LOT of massaging!  You could spend $15 for 3 oz of KY Touch 2-in-1, or you could spend $15 for 30 oz of coconut oil that will perform better and last longer… the math is pretty easy to me!

Reason 4: Coconut oil is all natural and safe to use

Coconut oil has been shown to be safe for sex, and thousands of people use it regularly.  From everyone we have talked to and from everything we have read on the topic, coconut oil is the best all-natural product out there that is safe for sex.  This is the main hurdle for many people – using something that’s not branded like KY.  But from all of the accounts out there, using pure virgin coconut oil is a great alternative to the name brands.  Here’s the kicker – it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  Really.  No need to keep it in the frig or toss it after 2 weeks.

Edit: Because there was so much interest in this subject, we did a further review of the safety of coconut oil for vaginal use.

Reason 5: Coconut oil lasts forever – no need to keep applying

The issue with using a water-based lubricant is that it’s WATER-based… that means the water evaporates, leaving a residue from the other products added to the water, and you need to keep applying more and more of it.  This is the same issue with using lotion for massages.

Coconut oil just keeps lubricating and lubricating… Once you have your wife’s legs or back or butt or breasts covered in coconut oil, there’s no need to keep going back for more!  Just keep massaging while listening to some Robin Thicke…

Reason 6: Coconut oil is great for your skin

Your skin needs oils.  It has natural oils that are lost when using soap in the hot shower or bath.  Coconut oil really helps replace some of those natural skin oils.  Did we say it’s good for your hair too?  Yes, that’s right – skin, hair, private parts, everything!


So have I convinced you yet?  I wouldn’t write this enthusiastically for something that doesn’t work well.  Using coconut oil as lube has really opened up a whole new dimension on sex for us, and we recommend it to our close friends and family.  Here are a couple products on Amazon that we really have tried and recommend:

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6 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil as Lube and as Massage Oil
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6 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil as Lube and as Massage Oil
Looking for that perfect massage oil can also be used for sex? Try coconut oil! Coconut oil as lube is the best thing ever, and here are 6 reasons why!
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