4 Gifts to get your Wife for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so we are here to help you out with this little reminder.  It’s time to start thinking about planning something to acknowledge this day for your spouse! Here are 4 gifts to get your wife on Valentine’s Day!

1. Flowers!

Flower are a nice gift once a year on Valentine’s Day. If you’re a stellar hubby, you remember to pick these up for her on random days throughout the year.  Just because. She’ll like this gift even more if you’ve taken the time to note what kind of flowers are her favorite (i.e. white calla lilies, red roses or yellow tulips).

2. Chocolates!

Chocolates in a small little box. You know she’s watching her weight now that she’s over 30, but still enjoys the occasional indulgence. Valentine’s Day is one of those days. Maybe she’ll actually be inspired to try oral sex again the following weekend since you’re going the extra mile, she might try to go the extra mile!

3. Coffee Cup!

Coffee Cup? Yes, coffee cups! Now that she’s a mommy of two she really depends on coffee to get her going in the morning and to push through until bedtime. All of that stuff you got from your wedding registry is starting to wear and tear so you begin replacing things here and there. Cute coffee cups make her smile and you know she enjoys a fancy cup of joe every once in awhile. Pair the cups with one of her favorite brands of coffee 🙂

4. Necklace!

The necklace doesn’t have to be the most expensive but something made of quality material so it lasts for years to come. The Mom Tag Duo Pendant from Tiffany’s is a nice example and is reasonably priced at $125. Mark and Graham also have a nice variety to choose from ranging from $105 and up.

Mix and match ideas to fit your budget. Pick out a cute romantic comedy to watch with her as you snuggle under a cozy blanket. Remember, no expectations on Valentine’s Day, but she’ll probably be inspired soon thereafter 🙂

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